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1.2004-09-16How to Stay on Top - Tips for Would-be DominantsLisa Chavez
If you're using that famous dog pack model, you may think that being a good top is about showing that you are the alpha. But you could be barking up the wrong tree.
2.2004-09-20What's in a Name? The meaning of BDSMLisa Chavez
BDSM is a nice, tight acronym that actually makes some letters work double time, like good little slaves should.
3.2004-09-20Bottoms UpLisa Chavez
In the BDSM lifestyle, there are worlds and worlds of bottoms.
4.2004-11-05Hooking up with the Right Play PartnerKris Kennedy
If you're new to BDSM, then hooking up with the right play partner is part of the adventure.
5.2004-12-30A Note For NewbiesMaris Lemieux
How newbies can improve their BDSM skills without ever stepping into a dungeon. And how surfing can help.
6.2005-05-26FLOGGINGRik Sanjung, A Review
Do you feel the wild call of flogging scenes but haven't yet taken the plunge? Joseph W. Bean's informative, seductive book, Flogging, may give you the push you need.
7.2005-07-23Spanks for Everything!Lacy Stahl, a Review
"Who would have known getting a spanking could get your rocks off in so many different ways?" -- Review of The Compleat Spanker.